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If you’ve been searching high and low for a company you trust to service your exterior needs, Mast is at your service. We offer a wide array of custom solutions for your home!

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Are you tired of seeing that sagging siding, or looking to increase the natural light in your home? Our team offers residential and commercial exterior services, working directly with you to care for the needs of your home or business. Allow our family to care for yours and experience our commitment to excellence, striving to protect one of your most valued assets and exceed the industry’s status quo! From windows, doors, siding, or whatever your exterior needs may be, our team’s got you covered every shingle time! (Please excuse the pun.)

About your Exterior:

Are Your Old Doors Drafty?

Installing Your Door

It may seem simple enough, but the door is oftentimes one of the first things someone notices about a home at first glance. Having a professionally done, sound entryway to your home is worth the time and effort of having it installed properly.

We make sure to use premium components to ensure that your door lasts, combining superior security & functionality. Depending on your wants and needs, we offer a plethora of options when it comes to custom door projects to make the entrance to your home spectacular.


Rot: What is it?

Rot presents itself in a variety of ways, so it’s important that, if you think you have rot on your home exterior, that you get it checked by a professional, 

Often times, a surface that is experiencing rot will have darkened coloring that contrasts from the surrounding wood. This is often unnoticed by those who live in the home since it happens so slowly.

As wood rots, it often becomes spongy or squishy, completely losing the structural integrity it once had, including durability. This presents obvious hazards and, if left unaddressed, can become an issue that goes beyond aesthetics.

The moist environment that creates rot, in wood, is the same moisture that creates the perfect breeding ground for mold- many of which are somewhat harmless. However, many mold species can produce airborne toxins that can be dangerous to human & animal health. This same mold also eats away at wood slowly, breaking it down and eventually develops into rot.

Types of Doors Available to You:

The classic door. Wood can look incredible on a door, whether painted, stained or finished. Unlike steel doors, they offer superior insulation which will make your home more energy efficient when it comes to heating & cooling your home.

There are always the drawbacks of using an organic material on your home. Aging & rotting is always going to be a potential issue, and as wood ages it flexes and warps due to moisture traveling in and out of the wood as the sun beats down on it.

Fiberglass is a great alternative to wood if you’re looking for a long-lasting solution that has no potential for rotting, or warping. However, these can be a bit more expensive than wood. 

Investing in fiberglass is well worth it, with increased versatility, weather resistance & durability. These types of doors are also very easy to maintain.

Vinyl doors are known for their ability to take a beating over the years, and, just like fiberglass, are a low maintenance option for every home. Not only do they insulate well; they are a more affordable option.

Made from plastic, vinyl offers a dependable front door presence, though other options provide a stronger product, when considering security.

If security is your priority, then steel is for you. One of the most durable options out there, steel is tried and true, unaffected from some of the problems like warping and rot that other doors experience. 

However, steel does have some drawbacks, as it can be scratched/dented, and rust if not properly maintained. They are also good conductors of heat & cold, which may reduce the efficiency of the heating/cooling in your home.

If letting light into your space is a primary goal for you, then glass doors & sliding doors are definitely what you’re looking for!  Glass doors do exactly what they suggest; let light in while keeping everything else out. They are also great for a curious pet who wants to see what’s going on!

Glass doors by nature can be easily broken; however, depending on the grade of glass, the chances of this happening can be mitigated. This type of door is less secure compared to others, due to this vulnerability.

Window Installation

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When you’re looking for the perfect set of windows, you’ll want to consider all of the options available to you. With us, you’ll have access to any number of exclusive manufacturers and a plethora of different materials, styles & custom shapes.


"How Long Will My Windows Last?"

A lot of factors go into the longevity of your roof, and the same applies to your windows! Everything from the grade of materials purchased, to the area you reside in & the weather conditions all affect your windows. Improper installation of a window can dramatically decrease a window’s lifetime.

Your Home's Siding

While it covers most of the house, siding isn’t the first thing on a homeowner’s mind when it comes to home renovation! It may not be the most exciting part of an exterior renovation project, but the correct choice in siding will give your home the “wow” factor it deserves. Like everything else with your home, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to your choice of siding.

  • Metal Siding

    Metal siding comes with a lot of the standard benefits of using metal for anything on your home. Durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain. It's also fire-resistant and fairly weather-proof. Depending on which grade of metal siding you choose, this will determine the actual performance & longevity you'll get out of your home's siding.

  • Fiber Cement

    What is Fiber Cement? You may have not have heard as much about this material, but it contains an impressive array of benefits. Similar to vinyl, but utilizing a different formula, fiber cement is thicker, tougher, and all-around a much better option for durability. It's also non-combustible, and unappealing to many pests & insects.

  • Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl is the most commonly seen siding nowadays, with a lot of people opting for an alternative to wood. It's relatively non-combustible, wear resistant, and requires almost no maintenance!

  • Wooden Siding

    There are a lot of options when it comes to wooden siding, and a lot of people may opt for this when they want a specific look and feel. Wood is an organic material, so if left unpainted/finished it will break down over time. It requires a fair bit of maintenance, but you have multiple selections to choose from. Cedar, being a popular choice, is a natural insect repellant, and has a striking, warm glow.


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