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Wood Shake Roof Services

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House With a Wood Shake Roof

When You Want a Unique Appearance for Your Home, Consider Getting a Wood Shake Roof.

Are you looking for a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and raw material for your roof for your residential property? You should consider installing a wood shake roof in Oley, PA. Even though wood shake roofs aren’t as popular as they once were, their visual beauty and quality make them an incredibly compelling roof for residential property owners to look into. Many homeowners choose this roofing material because it is considered a green, environmentally friendly roof.

Our staff has years of experience installing all types of wood shingle roofing materials, including cedar shakes. We work with the industry’s finest manufacturers to purchase the strongest wood shake roof shingles to install on your home. With such durable material and experienced roofing contractors, you can rest assured that the wood shake roof you get from us is going to last a very long time. Need additional details on Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc.’s wood shake roof installation services? Call 610-689-3737 to learn if it’s the proper roofing material for your residential property.

Why Choose a Wood Shake Roof?

Farmhouse with a Wood Shake Roof

Wood Shake Roofs Provide Excellent Protection Against Wind and Hail Damage.

Deciding to install a wood shake roof to your home comes with a lot of wonderful advantages. When compared to asphalt shingle roofing systems, cedar shake roofs provide much better protection from the elements. You can rely on wood shake roofing to hold up to heavy winds, and also falling debris which includes hail and tree limbs. Installing a wood shake roof offers a unique aesthetic for your home and can increase your energy efficiency. Although wood shake roofs have many great advantages, they also have their disadvantages. It is very expensive to install a wood shake roof, and once it is installed it requires a great deal of maintenance.  If you live in a location that is prone to wildfires, you might want to rethink installing a wood shake roof, as it is flammable and can set your whole house on fire within seconds.

Call us today at 610-689-3737 if you would like to schedule an appointment time to install your wood shake roof in Oley, PA. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and something that our certified and skilled roofing contractors bring to each service. Our roofing contractors will talk our customers through the complete roofing process and also address any questions about the service or the residential roof choice they are wanting. The focus at Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc. is to make sure our clients have the perfect roofing system for their home, so we go above and beyond to ensure that that becomes a reality.


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