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Slate Roof Replacement in Oley Pa

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Slate Roof Replacement in Oley, PA

The Oley Valley is known for its many grand, old farmhouses, and this late 1800’s home is no exception. The slate roof was beginning to crumble and missing slates had to be replaced a couple of times. The chimneys were also in need of repair. The client chose a beautiful 100-year natural slate from Vermont, which will protect the home for many, many years to come as well as maintain the historic look of the house. When the old slates came off, gorgeous, wide boards were revealed. Of course, some of them had gaps or had become rotted out, so they were patched and/or replaced to give solid decking. On the two dormers, the slate came off, and maintenance-free Boral siding was installed with period aesthetic considerations.

As the new slate was installed, snow guards were placed to prevent large chunks of ice and snow from injuring anyone below or tearing down the brand-new gutters. New durable 20 oz. copper was installed in all the valleys and around the chimneys. Lastly, as was mentioned before, new gutters were installed on the upper roof. It’s not very often that we’re able to replace old slate with a new slate, so this was a stand-out job that we were honored to be chosen to complete.

Service: Slate Roof Replacement

Location: Oley Valley, PA

Product: Boral, Vermont Slate

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