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Roof Repair in Oley, PA

We understand the importance of routine roofing system maintenance and encourage our clients to exercise stewardship through routine inspections and repairs.

When considering your home and loved ones, you need a roof that can weather any storm. Whether it’s age-related deterioration or weather-worn by sleet, rain, wind, or snow, reliable roof repair requires both quality workmanship and durability. As a team of experts committed to excellence, we build value in your home and extend your roof’s lifetime. Beginning with a detailed roof inspection, our repair technicians will diagnose and discuss solutions customized to your needs. From fixing missing ridge caps to resolving an active leak, we provide exceptional service that stands the test of time.


How Do I Know I Need a Roof Repair?

Look up! The health of your roof tells a story, from missing shingles, to damage from falling debris. While roof damage is unplanned and constantly changing, our team consistently provides dependable solutions to maintain your roof’s health.

Some common signs that your roof may need repair include visible damage such as:

Furthermore, regular roof inspections will alert you to any possible issues early on so that they don’t become more serious problems that require more expensive repairs down the line.

Benefits of having your roofing system repaired & maintained regularly:

Roofing Systems We Repair

Tried and true, asphalt shingles are the industry’s standard residential roofing material. Highly flexible, asphalt shingles offer a durable solution that will last years beyond installation. We offer a wide scope of asphalt shingles, which allows our team to carefully match existing shingles on your home during a necessary repair.

A long-lasting, stylish solution, metal roof maintenance ensures your investment is well stewarded. Though it can be difficult to repair, we have the skillset required to repair metal roofing properly. Installed in long panels, our repair technicians will inspect your roof for areas of wear, offering solutions to prevent areas of rust from compromising integrity or replacing a time-worn panel.

Commonly installed on flat surfaces, rubber roofing systems prevent running and standing water from penetrating the surface of the roof. Scientifically known as ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), rubber roofing is commonly installed on commercial buildings. While water-tight at installation, sharp objects and aged rubber can become punctured or brittle, causing possible leaks and requiring immediate repair. 

We'll keep your home in top shape.

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*Lifetime Repair Guarantee only valid as long as the client remains enrolled in the Overhead Care Club. Guarantees issued for repairs done while in the OCC do not carry over if the subscription is dropped, and the client chooses to re-subscribe to the OCC at a point in the future.


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