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Roofing Company in Beckersville, PA

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Roofing Company in Beckersville, PA

Excellent Roofing Repair Services From a Qualified Roofing Company


The roofing company that you have been looking for, is right here in Beckersville, PA. There are a lot of situations that people find themselves needing roof inspections or replacements. There is no situation you should ever settle for less because we believe you deserve the best. Since 1997, we have been building this business on a reliable reputation. 

Choosing a roofing company can be difficult, but Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc. will affirm to you with every interaction, that we do not just worry about your roof, we care about you also. Your house will always be respected by our roofers, and we’ll be on time for the appointments that you set. The quality of work that we do will blow the competition out of the water every time. Whether you need a roof restoration or an emergency roof repair, we are there for you. 

Call (610) 689-3737 when you desire a roof restoration that will give you the greatest-looking roof around and provide you with the quality you deserve to have.

Do You Want to Hire a Roofing Company for Your Roof Replacement?


A roof replacement sounds scary, but with us on your side, there is nothing to be afraid of. When it reaches this point it is usually because the roofing is old or falling apart from the weather. No need to worry though because we are here for you through each point of this process. As professional roofers, we have seen what happens when a roofing system is not replaced after it is told it needs a roof replacement. Your roof system needs to be paid attention to to be sure it lasts as long as possible because it is so important. That is why we do not take this kind of work lightly. 

New roofing systems are a ton of work and take time, you came to the right place. We will always be available to deal with your roofing desires, just look at all of our reviews and reputation. Naturally, over time, roofing systems start to come apart and fall off. Because an asphalt roof usually lasts 20 years, you can start getting ready to have a replacement shortly before. We will go over choices of material, pricing, and a timeline with you to make sure that you know exactly what you want and can afford to have. 

If you want a roof replacement, in Beckersville, PA, just give us a call at (610) 689-3737 and Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc. will be able to help you out.

Commercial Roof Repair


Our roofers can deal with anything that is sent their way because they are trained and certified in roofing. You don’t ever have to worry, because we will be able to do your roofing job whether it is big or small. Some larger roofing we have done are churches and business buildings, so we are ready for what you have. We will always try our hardest to be positive that your roofing system is done as quickly as possible to not disturb your business. 

We always attempt to stick to a timeline for a job and stick to it. Be sure to call us at (610) 689-3737 so that we can take care of all your commercial roofing issues in Beckersville, PA.

Commercial Roof Repair: It doesn’t matter what kind of job it is, you will get the most from us.

Flat Roofing: Water damage is natural with flat roofing, but we know how to stop that.

Roofing for Apartments & Hotels: We always do whatever we can to make sure that we can repair your roof and still allow you to do your business as usual.

Single Ply Roofing: The best type of roofing may be the easiest one around. Applying a single ply roofing material to your roofing system should protect it for years to come.

EPDM Roofing: When you need a roofing system that will give you exactly what you need, this is the one for you.

TPO Roofing: When you are looking for a high-quality roofing system that will not take a long time to install, a TPO roof is right for you.

Expert Metal Roof Repairs


Metal roofs have become extremely common throughout the years. More and more homeowners are choosing to use this material on their houses, instead of just on industrial buildings. They are going up on barns, residential homes, and many restaurants and hotels. The logic for this is that they last a lot longer than traditional roofing would. This roof is a wonderful addition to have because it will handle any weather. If you were wondering what the other benefits of metal roofing may be, here they are:

Lightweight – a few metal choices are extremely lightweight and will not add any extra pressure onto your home.

Color Variety – There are a lot of different colors to choose from when choosing what you like the most.

Rain and Snow – Because of its hard exterior, rain and snow will come right off and not penetrate the surface.

Finding a product that will last you 50 years like metal roofing is a top offer you cannot pass up.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing: The strength of this roofing will shock you over and over with how long it lasts.

Residential Roofing


When you want the greatest roof repair or even a new roofing system we are always here to make positive you get exactly that. In order for your roof to continue to keep you safe, you need to make certain to take the best care of it. That is why, when you have any kind of roofing issue, we are the best ones to get a hold of. A couple of services that we offer as far as residential roofing goes are:

      • Shingle replacement
      • Inspections
      • Roof replacement
      • And so much more

    As roofing experts, we are consistently professional and make sure that we put our hearts into the jobs that we do. We always feel a personal connection to every home when doing work on it because it is your home, and we want to do it the correct way. We don’t want you to feel unsafe in your house because of a damaged roofing system. If you are in search of a roofing company to give you residential roofing in Beckersville, PA, call (610) 689-3737.

    Architectural Shingles: Architectural shingles will be able to provide you with security and style as they give dimension to your roof.

    Asphalt Shingles: The shingles that you might think about putting on your house are asphalt shingles.

    Premium Roofing: We always give you the very best when it comes to roofing.

    Residential Roof Installation There is no reason to worry about a roof installation if you have our experts on your team.

    Residential Roof Repair: Let us help you keep your home’s roof in tip-top shape.

    Roof Flashing: The roof flashing keeps your roof from getting water damage.

    Roof Inspections: Getting a roof inspection done once a year will prevent any large damage from happening to your roof in the future.

    Soffit & Fascia Repair: If you need a soffit and fascia repair, we can help you out immediately.

    Other Services: We will assist with a lot of other services, all you have to do is ask.

    Storm Damage


    Storm damage can mess up a roof, even if you try to get ready for it. It is important that you know the ways to prepare your roof just to be extra careful. If a storm rolls in and does damage to your roof, you do not have to worry too much because our experts at Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc. are here to be sure that you have the very best care and experience. It is crucial that you call us quickly if you have damage from a storm, that way you can prevent things like water leaks and mold. 

    During a storm, trees can come down onto roofs and even tear off siding; if this happens, give us a call. All of these are considered emergencies, and you need to call us for help. We never want you to have to be in your house with storm damage, we can have it fixed for you. We will even help you with insurance claims if it gets down to that. If your roof is damaged by severe wind or hail, we can make certain it gets taken care of quickly.

    Emergency Roof Repair: If an emergency happens, you need help right away. Give us a call and allow our team to repair all your roofing problems.

    Roof Damage Insurance Claims: When you need assistance with an insurance claim, we can be there to help you through it.

    Roof Hail Damage: Because hail can be so big, occasionally it can put a hole in your roofing system.

    Roof Leak Repair: Sometimes your roof can get damaged and end up making a roof leak.

    Roof Wind Damage: Wind is tougher than we think and can actually rip parts of your roof off.


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