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What Do You Do If You Have Hail Damage On Your Roof ?

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Defending your house with your roof

The roof of your home takes a lot of abuse protecting your house, you, and your family. It stands there through hard rains, high winds, and hail. Damage rooftops are a common thing during the spring. That’s when the cold weather from the north is meeting up with the warmer weather from the south. Cars and rooftops take the brunt of that meeting with the hail beating down. 

Hail is damage that every homeowner dreads because it results in repairing the hail damage and insurance claims; both are hassles that a homeowner doesn’t want to handle. Both are possibilities and realities that homeowners know they must handle. Hail damage on rooftops could be minor, maybe just one shingle knocked off, or it could mean the entire roof has been abused by hail and wind. 

When an asphalt roof has hailstones hit it, it can break or crack the shingles. That can lead to more damage because it exposes the surface under the shingles to more hail, rain, UV rays, and more.

How do you know if your roof has hail damage?

The first place to look for signs of hail damage is the gutters. A hard-hitting, high-impact hailstorm will dent the gutters and downspouts. If they are dented, then you can almost be sure there is hail damage to the roof above. What damage does hail do? Any of the following are indications of a hail damage rooftop: 

Asphalt Granules Loss

Asphalt shingles feel like rough sandpaper from the top layer of granules. When hail has beat on a roof, those granules come off and fill the gutters and downspouts. After a hailstorm, check the downspouts for dents and if they are full of asphalt granules.

Cracked Shingles

High wind or hard impact hail, damage roof indication are cracked shingles. Cracked shingles expose the layers under the roof, subjecting it to the weather and UV rays. 

Fiberglass Matt Exposed

Impact of hail damage the rooftop by shattering the shingled surface, leaving the fiberglass mat exposed, which gets fractured by the hail, cracking and tearing it, exposing the decking. 

Self-Seal Strip Weakens

High winds and hail damage rooftops include the weakened shingle seals, putting the shingles at risk of blowing off and exposing the entire roof to the elements. Missing shingles are permanently compromising the roof’s integrity. However, some granule loss is normal. It isn’t always an indication of hail damage rooftop. 

How do you know the difference between hail damage vs normal wear? If the granule loss you see on your roof is a uniform pattern, this is considered normal wear and tear. A hail-damaged roof will have actual impact indications. The asphalt shingles will show impact points like somebody took a hammer to the roof. The insurance inspector or a professional roofing contractor can differentiate the hail damaged roof and the wear and tear roof. 

Can hail damage be completely repaired?    

Coverage and terms vary between insurance companies and within each policy, including a time frame to file a claim for hail damage with roof. Proof and timing are both critical when filing claims on any insurance, and homeowners may be the most stringent of all insurance claims. 

So, should I replace my roof after hail?

Your homeowner’s insurance will be the power to decide if your hail damage roof warrants replacement or only needs repairs. However, there are clear-cut indications that a replacement is necessary; for example, the roof is gone or partially missing if there is enough widespread damage that your roof is leaking when it rains. 

Then there are some cases where what appears to be an extensive hail damage roof can be repaired and give the roof another few years of life. Again, these are decisions the insurance adjuster will make, and it is also why you need to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof. Ideally, the insurance adjuster and the roofing contractor are there at the same time. 

Does hail dent metal roofs?

Ah, the myths and legends of metal roofing raise its ugly head again!  For centuries, metal rooftops were on barns and sheds all across the country.  Then home builders and roofers started using metal on homes, and now we’re all concerned about what we’ve been told about metal roofs. 

Yes, a metal roof is susceptible to hail damage if the hailstones are enormous, almost meteor size stones. Regular-size hailstones will damage a metal roof like it will an asphalt shingle roof. While we’re on the topic of metal roofing, no, a metal roof on the house is not noisy if the roof was installed correctly and has insulation installed before the metal roofing is installed. When it comes to metal roofing on houses being safe from lightning strikes, yes, metal does conduct electricity, but electricity is not drawn to metal roofing. Metal roofs are non-combustible, making it the safer roofing material compared to asphalt or wood. Metal roofing can give you a 100-year lifespan. Asphalt shingles may give you up to 30 years if you’re lucky. Need quality hail damage roof repair in Oley, PA? Call (610) 689-3737 today.


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